"LCY" Twin-Ribbon tweeter technology 專利雙鋁帶技術

The "LCY" Twin-Aluminium Ribbon tweeter we designed and manufactured is a breakthrough that combines the experience and wisdom of countless audio industry pioneers in the past half century, and then designs and successfully manufactures in response to the new indicators in the audio digital era.


"LCY" Twin-Aluminium Ribbon tweeter, using a unique twin-belt method, more than double the length of the traditional aluminum strip that affects vertical diffusion, so it has the same excellent vertical and horizontal pointing characteristics of the dome tweeter, while retaining the elegant sound of the traditional Ribbon tweeter. In addition, "LCY" uses the most powerful neodymium magnetic system to highly concentrate the magnetic field energy. The precision transformer is connected by parallel OFC multi-wiring , so the frequency can go more higher, with more power, but in small volume, it greatly improved the practicality of the aluminum ribbon tweeter. In this way, no matter for audiophiles or professional speaker system designers, it can certainly eliminate many technical constraints and restrictions in the past, so that their design creation talents have more free space, and it is relatively easy to achieve their wishes.


我們設計製造的 "LCY" 雙鋁帶高音,是綜合了半個世紀以來無數音響業先驅們的經驗和智慧,然後因應當今數碼時代的新潮流和新指標,領先設計並成功製造出來的突破性新產品。

"LCY" 雙鋁帶高音,採用了獨特的連體雙鋁帶方式,把影響垂直擴散的傳統鋁帶長度縮短一倍以上,因此具有動圈式半球高音同樣優秀的垂直和水平指向特性,同時又保留了傳統鋁帶固有的華貴飄逸的音色。此外,LCY採用了獨創的強力釹鐵硼磁路系統,將磁場能量高度集中; 加上由多股OFC線並聯繞製的精密變壓器配合,所以頻率去得更高,承受功率更大,體積更小,大大地提高了鋁帶高音的實用性。這樣無論對於業餘的音響愛好者,或者是專業的揚聲器系統設計師,肯定可以消除過去很多技術上的束縛和限制,令他們的設計獲得更大的發揮空間,創作可以相對容易地達成。


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