• Proprietary, firmware driven conversion process with 760kHz PCM and DSD512 - Engine Eleven-P
  • No silicon anywhere in signal path past the conversion stage

  • Silver wiring inside

  • Copper foil, true metal sheet capacitors in the signal path

  • CNC milled chassis.

  • 6N1P conversion tubes

  • 6J5 output driver tubes

  • Volume control of the highest possible caliber in every unit, featuring a full bypass function

  • All units are truly balanced and SE at the same time

  • Zero feedback, neither local nor global

  • Zero opamps

  • Tube rectified power supply

  • Hundreds of tube rolling permutations.

  • TAIKO XDMI interface available in optional
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  • Weight: 23 kg / 55 lbs net, 35 kg / 80 lbs gross
  • Dimensions without tubes: 440 mm W x 550 mm D x 170 mm H (height with tubes 250 mm)

  • Digital inputs: 1 x USB,  1 x S/PDIF RCA, 1 x AES/EBU, 1 x TOSLINK

  • 1 x analog input RCA, 1 x analog input XLR fully balanced

  • Output impedance: 400 Ohms per phase

  • Input impedance 100k per phase. 0,2M balanced (as a pre)

  • 1 x analog output pair RCA and 1 x XLR balanced output

  • Output level: 0DB full level @3V peak sinus 1 kHz per phase, 6V p-p for balanced

  • Mains 110-115 - 220 - 230 - 240 V AC  /       consumption 120 VA  (0,45A)

  • Frequency response 15Hz-100 kHz @+/- 1,5 dB,   >500kHz @ -6dB

  • Overall amplification factor: 4x (6dB) - tube dependent

  • Maximum possible amplitude output: 11V SE, 22V Balanced

  • Volume setting to obtain 2 V output with standard digital source of 0dB: -10points  SE, -15 points Bal

  • Volume maximum signal output with standard digital source of 0dB: 3V SE, 4,7V Bal

  • Input sensitivity  @2Vpp output signal and max level setting: 625mV SE, 160 mV Bal

  • THD @ 2V output: 0,09% SE, 0,02 % Bal



  • Matt Black Hole
  • The dust cover plate around the tubes on top can be ordered in these colors:

    Copper - for the famous "Duracell  look" (Black body and copper top)
  2. Stainless steel mirror-like chrome look
  3. Black Hole black matt




  • 1 x 5U4G rectifier or equivalent, 274B, 5Y3, 5C3S, GZ34, GZ37, GZ480, 5AR4WGB
  • 4 x 6N1P dual triode as input buffer or 6N6P or 6N30P or ECC88 or E88CC or PCC88 or 6DJ9 or 6922 or adapter fitted  ECC99, ECC40, VT99, 6F8G,  6900, 12BH7, 5687, 12AU7
  • 4 x 6J5 single triode as output buffer or 6V6 pentode (without adapter), also 6C2C - Bakelite or Metalbase, also L63 and CV1067
  • All circuit consists of 4 identical mono circuits and each of phases has three tube stages: input buffer, amplifier and output buffer. The remote control for the first time is not before the tubes or after the tubes but in between stages, making it the most transparent and benign volume control ever.

Remote Control  - CNC milled metal "slab" remote

Display: OLED  display (amber color, monochrome)

Packing in custom hand made flight case