"Ying Tai Audio Company" was established in 1989. Over the years has been the distributor of many of the world's top speaker units. We sells our own design speaker systems, also provides the most professional speaker product design, crossover and cabinet manufacturing for audio industry customers and audiophiles.


After continuous research and development, and the experience and wisdom of countless audio industry pioneers in the past half century, we led the design and successfully produced the breakthrough innovation "LCY" Twin-Ribbon technology tweeter in 2002, and then in 2010 Launched "LCY" Air Motion Tweeter. Various products are well praised and appreciated by the speaker manufacturer, and many European and American speaker brands are also used in their top flagship models.


In recent years, we have actively expanded our business and continuously searched high-quality audio equipment from all over the world. In order to provide a more comfortable audition environment, our showroom has also been renovated. Despite the constant evolution of the audio market, we have always been consistent, providing the best service to every customer with the most sincere and professional attitude, keeping abreast with the times and growing with the audiophiles and the industry.


香港"應泰音響公司"成立於1989年, 多年來一直是眾多世界頂級喇叭單元的經銷商, 銷售自行設計及製作的揚聲器系統, 亦為音響工業客戶及音響發燒友提供最專業的喇叭產品設計,分頻器及音箱製造等一系列相關的服務。


在經過不斷的研究開發, 與及綜合了半個世紀以來無數音響業先驅們的經驗和智慧, 我們於2002年領先設計並成功製造出突破性的 "LCY" 雙鋁帶高音, 及後於2010年再推出 "LCY" 氣動高音。各款產品深受業界歡迎, 不少歐美喇叭品牌亦有採用在其頂級旗艦型號當中。


本公司近年積極擴展業務, 不斷從世界各地搜羅高質音響器材; 為提供更舒適的試聽環境, 陳列室亦已重新裝修。盡管音響市場不斷演變, 我們亦始終如一, 用最真誠及專業的態度為每位客户提供完善的服務, 與時並進, 跟廣大發燒友及業界一同成長。